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Care Providers

Hire and sale of mobility and home care aids

At Care Providers 
We provide a wide range of mobility and disability related products. These include wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, home, toilet, kitchen aids, walking sticks, as well as a full range of incontinence products. Some products are also available for hire at affordable daily, weekly or monthly rates. We also supply unique and specialised products such as insulin travel wallets, waterproof limb protectors, medical sheepskin fleeces and cushions. Any products not held in stock will usually be available to order. Many mobility and disability products are VAT exempt. We will provide you with a appropriate VAT exemption form to complete.

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Medical Equipment
We stock a wide variety of Blood pressure monitors for High Blood Pressure, Nebulisers for Asthma or other breathing problems, and Blood Glucose Monitors for testing blood sugar in diabetes. You'll be surprised at the range of stock.

Wider Fitting Footwear 
Extra Roomy Shoes

Extra Roomy Slippers